For 10 days, 15 passionate writers, artists and filmmakers will be submerged in the density of the Peruvian Amazonas and the lives of the local Shawi. Guided by a diverse Team of acclaimed international creatives and Peruvian indigenous leaders, participants will be exposed to the raw nature of the rainforest, conflicting forces impacting indigenous communities and sustainable activities to address climate change.

Each participant will develop a short provocation/artwork under the guidance and supervision of the Team. Unlike other workshops, the local inhabitants will not be mere characters in these stories but will serve as mentors, project collaborators and cultural mediators. The process of creation will require some form of partnership between local and international storytellers in defining, style, method, message and culture.

The workshop will take place in various setting including the urban river-based culture of Iquitos, the tropical rainforest surroundings of the Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve, and the facilities of Formabiap‘s indigenous bi-lingual education centre at Zúngarococha. Due to the geographical characteristics of the zone, mobility is made exclusively in motorboats and by foot to delve into the tropical jungle.

All accommodations, meals and logistics are included in the workshop enrollment fee and arranged by the Team. Given the diversity of locations, accommodation will range from comfortable river lodges to rough field camps in the rainforest itself. Transportation will be predominantly by canoe and participants should carry daily essentials/equipment in the dry bags provided as part of the Field Kit.

The workshop is eminently practical, so it is essential that participants are autonomous and have knowledge of their own artistic process as well as have access to their own necessary tools and equipment.

The fieldwork will be enriched with daily Master Classes and dialogues concerning the principal challenges that the storyteller has to face in various phases of creation. Each mentor will share his/her own method of working, style and technique with the writers, artists and filmmakers of the workshop.

For participants to take full advantage of the ten days, they will be provided with a workshop field kit for them to familiarize themselves prior to arrival. The Field Kit, that comes with a dry sack to protect essentials during fieldwork, includes equipment, materials and all the basic information needed to allow participants an easy plunge into creation and inspiration.

To protect the well being of the participants and the conservation of the wide array of fauna and flora, daily destination groups of 3 – 5 participants, freely chosen, will be constituted. Each team will be accompanied by a local guide.

“The people’s gestures are unfamiliar, gentle and lovely; they move their hands like orchestral conductors in time with a soft, shy melody that emanates cautiously from the depths of the forest, like wild creatures that emerge from the sheltering leaves now and then to go down to the rivers”

Werner Herzog

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