Fees & Conditions

No. There will be no refunds of amounts paid, so we highly recommend trip interruption or cancellation insurance.

Proceeds from the workshop will be used to support Voces Indígenas Pilot Project (Peru): Empowering indigenous youth through Documentary Filmmaking.

No, due to the schedule and the complexity of logistics we cannot allow for individual booking.

No. Due to limited accommodation and the complexity of logistics, we cannot open up the program to travellers.

International or domestic flights to Iquitos, personal snacks and drinks, visa costs, travel insurance.

All accommodations – 11 nights.
Three daily meals for 10 days.
Availability of drinking water 24h.
Iquitos Airport Transfers.
Local Transportation in motorboat/canoe/vehicle for location visits and excursions.
Local Guides – translators.
Use of specialized equipment including drones, audio recording and field cameras.
Individual Field Kits (Value €500): 1 DJI Osmo Pocket, 1 art-quality sketchbook, 1 USB with background information, and 1 dry sack to protect your gear.

Selected participants will receive detailed instructions on payments by e-mail.

The tuition is € 5000.- to be paid in two instalments. The deposit of € 2500.-needs to be paid by 20th of April 2020. The final tuition payment of another €2500.- is due by 11th of May 2020.


No, we are not going to “visit” any typical sights, because we are seeking to immerse in the daily, authentic culture. If you would like to do a classic city trip, please do so on your own arriving early or after the workshop has ended.

Please check with the embassy of your country of residence/citizenship and allow sufficient time to arrange one, if necessary. The costs for visa applications are to be covered by the applicants themselves. Failure to secure a visa will not be grounds for a refund, so please check with your embassy.


There are shelters, but there aren’t studios or production facilities per se, so whatever tools and habits you bring to work with are subject to the exigencies of the weather and the isolation of the rainforest, which imposes some real, but potentially healthy, limitations.

That depends on your work process.

We highly encourage participants to use this experience as the base for a body of works, a series, as inspiration and method for future works. Participants will, however, follow through one story / idea / concept from beginning to end, and may have a final draft or even finished result at the end of the workshop.

You may go home with a series of sketches, a short film, a small series of poems, a finished drawing, a woven necklace, sufficient footage for a feature film, a collage made of plants, a series of photos to base your future work on, interviews to base a character on…

Yes, the workshop is also an art residency, therefore we are planning for and encouraging participants to do their own research, creation and exploration in accordance with the team of instructors. Inspiration needs time and immersion on your own.

Up to 15.

Other than the supplied Field Kit you will have access to specialized film equipment including drones, audio recording and field cameras. If you have any other special requirements please indicate in your application what you need and we will see what we can arrange.

Anything that you might require for your own process. Please consider, that we will change locations and accommodations several times, and you should be able to carry all necessary tools and materials with you in a backpack and/or the supplied dry pack.

Selected participants will be notified on the 06th of April, 2020 by e-mail.

Yes, you can. The workshop is open to visual artists of any medium. Prior to the workshop, the participants will receive a Field Kit with a 4k Osmo Pocket camera, in order to make themselves familiar with its use as a visual idea book. Unless you are a filmmaker, you are not required to use it in your final work.

Professional visual artists and passionate amateurs of any medium, filmmakers, photographers writers, poets. There are no age restrictions but please consider, that a good level of physical and mental health is required. Advanced students can apply, if they are at a level of mastery in their own medium. The workshop is not suited to beginners.

No, it is subject to selection. Selected participants will be notified on the 06th of April, 2020 by e-mail. We may contact some of the applicants for further questions.

It is a workshop that allows for a residency experience. We are making sure, that there is sufficient time for individual excursions, exploration and inspiration. There is no formal final presentation or exhibition, though any results will be shared with the other participants and the team.

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