To ensure participants get the most out of mentoring while allowing time and space to develop their own artwork, the workshop will be organized around two distinct phases: Inspiration (Masterclass) & Creation (Artists’ Residence).


For the first five days of the workshop, we will follow a fixed format designed to reinforce each stage of the process: inspiration, creation and presentation.

Mentors will begin each day with a provocation based on their own experience and method. This will establish a theme for the entire day’s excursions and exercises. Evening discourses by our storytellers or participants will close the circle by presenting stories derived from that day’s theme and exercises. These ‘stories’ may take the form of sketches, artefacts, narrative, poetry, film or other art forms.


The last day of the masterclass portion will be dedicated to defining a body of work to develop individually or in self-organized, collaborative teams. Mentors will meet with participants to help focus and plan the next 5 days in order to ensure that the work is realizable given the time constraints. Examples follow:


  • a collection of poetry or prose;
  • character/culture studies for a future manuscript;
  • a script or narrative to develop in collaboration with participant filmmakers or artists;
  • interviews to develop into journalistic/humanistic articles;
  • personal travelogue/blog stories;


  • portraits, including detail sketches for a future series or single masterwork;
  • plein d’air studies (sketches, photos & details) to develop into paintings or sculptures;
  • scenography for collaboration with participant filmmaker or writer;
  • graphic novel pairing up with a writer;
  • culture study of colours, textures, patterns or people;
  • contemporary artworks drawing inspiration from mythology;
  • environment or traditions of the local indigenous or rainforest;


  • treatment and teaser to support a feature film proposal
  • a short documentary film
  • an art/music video
  • a video travelogue
  • a reportage highlighting issues impacting the rainforest and indigenous communities
peruvian amazon rainforest storytelling workshop daily program.

To download a workshop information packet complete with the detailed program itinerary and application, please see the Open Call. If you do not see your medium of choice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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