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Telling Stories that make a difference.

The world used to be a place that inspired us to travel, to explore. Now, more often than not, it scares us.

If we begin to see each other as we are then maybe we can begin to put an end to this madness. We are farmers, artisans, parents, siblings, bosses, employees, emigrants, artists, lovers and, most of all, children.

As long as we see each other as different, the fear will never end. When we begin to see the other's face as that of our own, then there can be hope.

We tell stories that entertain and enlighten, aiming to make the world a more inviting place To See...To Know.

Your story only needs to do one thing. It needs to give people a reason to care. If you stop trying to convince people to think differently, but change how people feel, then you have told your story well!


Help us finish “Growing Cedars in Air”!

“Growing Cedars in Air”, represents a first step towards opening a new window on Lebanon, banning clichés and promoting a country on the move.
Pay it forward and we will too. The proceeds from this film, and all our documentaries, go to fund SlowMedia and humanitarian projects that would otherwise be economically impossible.


€22,000 goal

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We work around the world to protect cultural heritage, build links between communities, raise awareness of pressing risks, and transmit traditional knowledge to future generations.

Do you have a larger story you’re trying to tell? Is there a history to your present day situation? Is there a vision of the future you’re trying to work towards?

We are committed to supporting organizations that are catalysts for social and environmental change.

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